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V200 Qu-Ax Pogo Stick - rated for 80kg

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V200 Qu-Ax Pogo Stick - rated for 80kg

V200 Qu-Ax Pogo Stick - rated for 80kg

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The V200 Adult Pogo stick from Qu-Ax offers hours of jumping fun for Adults. This pogo stick is CE certified and ready for use straight out of the box. Adults up to 80kg (just over 12 and a half stone) can perform tricks and enjoy some old skool silliness.

Key Features:
Factory-lubed, sealed internal spring system with 2 springs and elastormer damping

135 mm of spring travel. Solid steel tube construction. Welded handles and footplatforms

Replaceable rubber feet.

suitable up to 80 kg

Graphics and Handle bar grips may vary slightly from photo.