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The Meteor Book by Rhys Thomas

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The Meteor Book by Rhys Thomas

The Meteor Book by Rhys Thomas

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Construction, Manipulation, and Performance: Step-by-step instructions in the ancient art of Chinese Meteor swinging. aka Meteor Hammer or Rope Fist The idea is to hold the middle of a 2-meter cable, on each end of which are balls of roaring fire, and whirl this about yourself to create a spectacular display of skill and danger. Less dangerous but equally interesting forms are also explored. The meteor combines the elements of club swinging, poi, and staff twirling in a new and versatile art form. Every trick is thoroughly described and illustrated. With a forward by Tim (Fyodor Karamazov) Furst, and an extensive fire-safety guide. Takes you from basic definitions through Follow-circles, the Fountain, Helicopters, Windmills, Poi-Balls, and one-handed work. Combines the effects of club swinging, staff, baton, and poi-balls. Nothing else like it in print. Comb-bound, illustrated, 60 pages.