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Qu-Ax Walking Peg Stilts

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Qu-Ax Walking Peg Stilts

Qu-Ax Walking Peg Stilts

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These QU-AX stilts are very easy to use and maintain. Wearers can use the huge Velcro straps to properly secure them and ensure a snug fit. Footrest and foot-height are also adjustable meaning they're appropriate for users of all ages and sizes (up to 60kg/9st 6lb). Peg stilts are often used by clowns and performers because the stilts can easily be hidden under a wide trousers. Each pair comes in a smart blue Qu-Ax box.

minimum height footrest: 22 cm
maximum height footrest: 32 cm
length of footplate: 22.5 cm
maximum width of footrest (heel): 8 cm
maximum height of calf-support: 44.5 cm
minimum height of calf-support: 32.5 cm
maximum user weight: up to 60kg