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Qu Ax QX Series Muni 26 inch Disk Brake Unicycle

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Qu Ax QX Series Muni 26 inch Disk Brake Unicycle

Qu Ax QX Series Muni 26 inch Disk Brake Unicycle

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All QX series models use the very best high end components.
Disc-brakes give you more precision in brake-handling and more consistent braking in different riding conditions (EG dry, snow, rain etc).
All QU-AX disc-brake unicycles come with a QX-series rotor (160mm) and Shimano BL-M-445 disc-brake and saddle mounted Shimano BL-M-445 brake lever
The QX-series disc-brake frames have a postmount socket that makes adjustment really easy, no special tools needed and minimal maintenance.
The QX-series disc-brake hub has the standard bearing-to-bearing distance of 100mm. The axle is hollow-drilled which makes it really light.
The new QU-AX 6061 alloy cranks (all disc-brake-unicycles come with 145 mm cranks) are really light (470g/pair), anodized in titanium-grey, ankle-friendly and very stiff.

This 26" Model is great for covering greater distances and less technical mountain descents.

If you're looking for the best - this is where to look...

Brand: Qu-Ax
Saddle: Muni-saddle with white bumpers
Seat Post: alloy seatpost w/ black gusset - 25.4⌀
Clamp: QX Series Double Clamp
Frame: QX-series disc-frame with postmount-socket and gauge-guide
Hub System: QX-series Disc-hub - alloy-axle - hollow-drilled - M15 screws
Hub Setting: ISIS
Crank: 6061er Alloy cranks - 'one' 145mm
Rim: DB 26X-Disc-rim - yellow - 48 holes
Tyre: 26" x 2.5" Kenda signature series - John Tomac, 'blue groove Stick-E Reifen'
Pedals: QX Series - Luna Pedals
Player Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Style: Muni
Weight: 6.20kg