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Qu Ax QX Series Muni 24 inch Unicycle

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Qu Ax QX Series Muni 24 inch Unicycle

Qu Ax QX Series Muni 24 inch Unicycle

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Qu-Ax bring their 'A Game' with the 24" QX Series. This model is a superb compromise between lightness and strength. The notorious Yellow ISIS hub coupled with ZeroQ cranks, a reinforced wheel and Maxxis tyre make this an off-road beast, also suitable for aggressive street and mountain riding. Flat top forks and the substantial tyre mean freestyle orientated tricks are better facilitated. Overall these are top quality components that wouldn't be amiss on some of the best mountain bikes - engineered for performance and beautiful to loo at. We also carry this model with a mounted Shimano brake if tearing down mountainsides is more your thing.

Brand: Qu-Ax
Saddle: Qu-Ax Street/Cross saddle
Seat Post: chrome alloy seatpost w/ gusset - 25.4⌀
Clamp: QX-series alloy double clamp (white)
Frame: QX-series flatcrown alloy frame with Magura-sockets glossy black
Hub System: ISIS-hub - 48 holes and hollow axle (yellow)
Hub Setting: ISIS
Crank: ISIS CrMo-cranks 170 mm (black)
Rim: BX45 double walled alloy rim with eyelets (48 holes)
Tyre: 24" x3.0" Duro
Pedals: QX-series PVC pedals
Player Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Style: Muni
Weight: 7.20kg