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Qu-Ax Luxus 18 inch Trainer Unicycle

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Qu-Ax Luxus 18 inch Trainer Unicycle

Qu-Ax Luxus 18 inch Trainer Unicycle

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An excellent quality 18" trainer from German Unicycle makers Qu-Ax. All Luxus unicycles come with a second shorter 200mm seatpost which allows younger riders maximum growth range without the need to cut the saddle stem and buy another later (good news for parents).
The flat crown forks and tough saddle handle also make the Luxus suitable for entry level freestyle riding.

With the shorter stem fitted the Qu-ax 18" trainer will fit a minimum inside leg of 60cm.
(N.B crotch to floor - not trouser size).

Brand: Qu-Ax
Saddle: QU-AX Luxus saddle
Seat Post: 350mm & 200mm seatposts - diamanond knurled (prevents twisting) Ø 25,4mm (steel)
Clamp: aluminium quick release
Frame: flatcrownfork with two-piece dropout (powdercoated)
Hub System: chromed square taper hub - 28 holes
Hub Setting: Cotterless
Crank: 102 mm steel cranks
Rim: silver aluminium rim - 28 holes
Pedals: plastic pedal with big surface
Player Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Style: Trainer
Weight: 5.00kg