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Qu Ax BB 24 inch Professional Unicycle

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Qu Ax BB 24 inch Professional Unicycle

Qu Ax BB 24 inch Professional Unicycle

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This unicycle was originally developed by Qu-Ax with a French basketball-team - and adapted to their needs. Now it is used for various types of riding and for heavy riders.

True Weight: 5.3kg
Brand: Qu-Ax
Saddle: Light Weight Qu-Ax
Seat Post: Alloy seatpost 350mm - diamond knurled (prevents twisting) black - with gusset alloy Ø 25.4mm
Clamp: light aluminium double clamp
Frame: Flatcrown frame with two pieces dropout
Hub System: ISIS-hub - red
Crank: 125mm ISIS
Rim: Aluminium double walled rim - black - 48 holes
Tyre: Kenda K838 tyre with 22 TPI 24" x 1.95"
Pedals: Profi pedal "NoSlip"
Player Level: Intermediate
Style: Freestyle / Sport
Weight: 6.50kg