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Lycopodium pump - large

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Lycopodium pump - large

Lycopodium pump - large

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For fire special effects.

It is a handy pump for lycopodium, to make beautiful fire effect to surprise your audience.

Lycopodium is a fine dry powder made of a plant. It is used as a fire magic since hundreds of years. You need to sprinkle the powder into a flame, than it gets fire and make a nice fireball from your hand. The smaller size have less effect, but can hide much better from the eye of the audience.

how to fill up the pump?

Firs you press out the air from the pump, than you put the mouth into the lycopodium. Than you release the pump and it will soak up the powder. The best if you can keep the pump horizontally and move the pump into the powder when you release. Than you turn up the pum and push out the air again, and repeate the action several times.

The best if you don't put it full to keep some air in the pump what you can press out, it will bring out the lycopodium, mixed with the air. When the mixed air reach a source of fire, it will give a quick burn flesh effect. When you press the pump into the fire, you can move it away to make different shape for the fire. If you're really quick you can create a ring of fire around your body.