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Kosmos Supernova LED Juggling Club

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Kosmos Supernova LED Juggling Club

Kosmos Supernova LED Juggling Club

AU$ 260.89

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The Supernova is a truly impressive LED glow juggling club from Kosmos. This club has 19 customisable programs allowing you unprecedented control over the colours and patterns on a glow club of this price.

As well as 7 preset programs there are 42 colours and two colour settings available resulting in over 1500 colour combinations which can be set to one of three different strobe frequencies . These programs are controlled by touching the body of the club with a magnet (supplied).

The body of this club is made from tough polypropylene and has a rubber ends to help absorb the impact from drops. These clubs are slightly shorter than a standard juggling club but still juggle very well.

The internal rechargable battery gives 3-6 hours of glow time, depending on the program you are using. It has an automatic power off function to protect the battery life when the battery is getting too low. The battery is recharged from the mains using a charger (sold separately).

*Length: 48 cm
*Weight: 240g
*Polypropylene body with rubber ends.
*Reinforced shockproof design
*19 customizable programs. User can select one or two colours, mixed or combined at different speeds.
*There are 42 colours and more than 1500 combinations!
*Magnetic programming
*Program memory
*3 to 6 hours of glowing time (depending of the program)
*Rechargeable with integrated battery charging controller with auto 'power off' on low battery conditions to protect the battery life.
N.B Please note the price is for one club. Charger sold separately.