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Kosmos Chronos JS2 LED Devil Stick

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Kosmos Chronos JS2 LED Devil Stick

Kosmos Chronos JS2 LED Devil Stick

AU$ 347.87

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SKU: (GLO-027 or KOS-DEV)
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The RGB LED Devil stick with JS2 technology from Kosmos, is the brightest LED Devil Stick i have ever seen! You can have any colour with any setting you can imagine on this Devil Stick with incredible results. A real spectacle seeing this in pitch black, beautiful trails of colours and light. With the same synchronization system as the club and staff!

-Manufactured from robust polypropylene material

-Rubber ends.

Length: 66cm

-42 colours. 1500 combinations.

-Reinforced shockproof design

-23 customizable programs. User can select one or two colours, mixed or combined at different speeds.

-There are 42 colours and more than 1500 combinations.

-Juggling synchronization system (JS2). It can synchronize with any other JS2 product

-Magnetic programming

-Dual program feature (stores 2 programs)

-Touch sensor technology (with dedicated programs)

-3 to 6 hours of glowing time (depending of the program)

- Rechargeable with integrated battery charging controller with auto 'power off' on low battery conditions to protect the battery life.