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Instant Juggler DVD - part two - Clubs

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Instant Juggler DVD - part two - Clubs

Instant Juggler DVD - part two - Clubs

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So you've mastered your ball juggling and you're ready to move onto something just that little bit more challenging - a little bit more impressive ?

Instant Juggler - Part Two Clubs will take you to new heights of excellence in your club juggling. Starting with the very basics of how to hold and throw your clubs, right up to tricks with four clubs, passing and a whole slew of body moves, flourishes and other fun tricks - you'll be practising for hours and learning more than you ever thought you could do.

That's right, this DVD comes with the same quality guarantee that you get with all of the Oddballs Instants DVDs: you work your be-hind off, practice every day and sooner or later, you will be a master of club juggling - just like the guys in this video.

Luke Hallgarten, Freddy Sheed and Ady Pole take you on a whirlwind tour of club juggling instruction in over an hour of video with 8 instructional sections, 8 wicked freestyles that show you what you can aim for and some special bonus footage to really knock your socks off...

So, don't sit back and relax, stand up and get your DVD remote in hand, or rather, get your clubs in hand and your remote nearby - it's time to become an Instant Club Juggler.