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Indy 24 inch Trainer Unicycle

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Indy 24 inch Trainer Unicycle

Indy 24 inch Trainer Unicycle

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This trainer unicycle from Indy is ideal for road travel and light commuting - ideal for teens adults. Because of the larger 24" larger wheel this model is better suited for covering distances - and a lighter, thinner wheel aids speed. That said the 24" Trainer is a robust model, ideal for learning to ride a unicycle. The contoured saddled features small handle and bumper to protect it from impacts and should be comfortable for most adult riders. Quick release seat clamp allows easy height adjustment.

Max weight: 200 lbs / 90 kgs
Max seat height: 95cm
Min seat height: 83cm
Min seat height with cut stem: 70cm
Please note this measurement is from floor to crotch, not trouser size.

Brand: Indy
Saddle: Indy Trainer Saddle
Seat Post: 22.2mm ⌀
Clamp: Quick Release Clamp
Frame: Indy Trainer Frame
Hub System: Cotterless Peg
Tyre: Indy
Pedals: Indy Non-Slip Basic
Player Level: Beginner
Style: Trainer & Road
Weight: 6.72kg