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Indy 12 inch Trainer Unicycle

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Indy 12 inch Trainer Unicycle

Indy 12 inch Trainer Unicycle

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These popular little unicycles have become a proven favourite amongst really young unicyclists. The Indy 12" Trainer unicycle features a quick release seat with grab handle and nonslip stem. Ideal for workshops and those first nervous pedals on a unicycle. All Indy unicycles come supplied in a compact cardboard box with all parts in protective wrapping. All components are made from a good quality steel. This is an ideal trainer model, perfect for getting youngsters excited about unicycling.

Brand: Indy
Saddle: Indy Trainer Saddle
Seat Post: Indy 22.2⌀
Clamp: Quick Release Clamp
Frame: Indy Trainer Frame
Hub System: Cotterless Peg
Crank: 114mm
Tyre: Indy
Pedals: Indy Non-Slip Basic
Player Level: Beginner
Style: Trainer
Weight: 4.42kg