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Henrys Premium Yo Yo Viper

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Henrys Premium Yo Yo Viper

Henrys Premium Yo Yo Viper

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Still a classic piece of design and still a yo-yo that holds its own, over a decade since its conception. The Henrys Viper yo-yo is the ultimate versatile model and the one that arguably set the standard for todays competetive market. Tough rubber shells, adjustable string gap to alter how responsive it is and very stylish looks. The butterfly shape is suitable for both string catching tricks as well as looping. It comes fitted with a 'Speed Explosion' bearing but this can also be interchanged with any axle from the Henrys AXYS range. Very comfortable to use and exceptional performance - A yo-yo to meet the needs of all its users and various styles of play. Comes in presentation box and with brief instruction manual.Colours Vary