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Henrys Premium Yo Yo Cobra semi-Translucent

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Henrys Premium Yo Yo Cobra semi-Translucent

Henrys Premium Yo Yo Cobra semi-Translucent

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Henrys Inexpensive alternative to their famous Viper doesn't lack on quality of performance. By utilising the Henrys AXYS system, users can upgrade their bearing as and when they want to. This yo-yo comes fitted with a 'Slider' axle which is great for basic string tricks and regenerations. Very strong construction on this yo-yo as well as a slick looking presentation box and free basic instruction manual. The various colour combinations are really nice and the smooth plastic hubs are an interesting finish. Still has that same brilliant rubber butterfly shape used on the Viper but a little more budget friendly. Very popular with beginner or younger players.Colours Vary