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Gora solid dragon staff - 150cm long, 100mm wicks, 3 spokes

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Gora solid dragon staff - 150cm long, 100mm wicks, 3 spokes

Gora solid dragon staff - 150cm long, 100mm wicks, 3 spokes

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This is a special contact staff with a fabulous effect.

Works like a slow feicha- an ancient chinese martial art weapon

It can be handled like normal contact staffs, but the rolling makes it unique. The crosses at the ends spin very quickly, making fire circles, while the stick and the huge flames at the end roll very slowly. It gives the strange effect that the body movement is static, but the fire is spinning very dynamically.

The middle tube, the cross sticks made of aluminium 7075. It make possible to have so durable construction with such a light weight. This material has the same tensile strength as steel.

You can screw off the sticks on the side, so better to transport and you can use as a normal contact staff without the cross sticks. The surface of the scross stick and the side of the staff is covered with heat proof silicone to avoid burn wounds if you make a mistake.

The sensitive part of the whole system is the thread of the stick of the crosses. It is very important to keep the thread clean and protect it from any damage. Never force it!

The grip is soft and sticky even if you break a sweat.

We recommend this equipment for contact fanatics and for those who do spectacular fire shows.

- Never force the screw of the cross sticks! If you try to screw it in a wrong angle, you can destroy the screw thread.

- Keep moving, don't stop for long time while you play with fire. The flames can burn the silicone if you keep stopped for a while.

- Always make sure that the screws are fixed securely.