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Gora huge flame fire torch x 1

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Gora huge flame fire torch x 1

Gora huge flame fire torch x 1

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Juggling torches with huge flames - Manufactured by Gora, in Hungary.
While with the normal torches you can see only dots running around, these swords show how the blades are turning, and make a much nicer effect.

The silicone circle protects your hands. The handles are ergonomic and the grip is made of a soft, spongy plastic. The weight balance is very close to that of a normal club.

Did you ever had the feeling that your juggling torches are too small for the stage? With this Fire Juggling Swords will never get that feeling.

- Do not use high temperature fuels, D60, D70, Isopar G, or kerosene are about as hot as you want it!
- Do not keep the swords downwards continuously, as the handle will be damaged..
- Do not light them many times without stops. Too much heat breaks the fiberglass.
- Use background light to see the handle side precisely.