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Gold SunRise Kendama

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Gold SunRise Kendama

Gold SunRise Kendama

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The Sunrise Kendama has been beautifully constructed from a pale, seasoned Beech wood. Sunrise kendamas are near identical to the popular TK-16 model in their balance, weight and dimensions. These are approved of by the EKA (European Kendama Association) and as such suitable for European competitions. The paint work on the standard SunRise kendama is exceptionally hard wearing.

This very limited kendama has a Gold ball - the colour was famously not allowed to become an official JKA colour when the makers of the (now incredibly rare) Mugen kendama produced them back in the day. A very beautiful model.

Total Weight: 158g
Ball weight: 84g
Ball diameter: 60mm
Height including ball (tama): 185mm approx
Stem height: 163mm approx
CE compliant