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Fire blanket 1.2x1.8m safety blanket

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Fire blanket 1.2x1.8m safety blanket

Fire blanket 1.2x1.8m safety blanket

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The blankets are made from smooth continuous filament glass fibre so it will not stick easily to burning skin. You can find other "fire blankets" that are wool blankets soaked in fire retardant, however these are not designed for use on people as the wool fibres will stick to the flesh and tear it off when the blanket is removed.

The Fire Blankets have been tested to 900°C and were still incombustible.

The Fire Blanket can be released and cover the flame in LESS THAN FIVE SECONDS!!! Nothing could be simpler.

1.2m x 1.8m is best suitable for human torch, fire on a person AS/NZS3504

The fire blanket we sell is only for using on a person who has become a human torch. Small spot fires on a person should be brushed off with a slightly damp cotton towel.