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Fire Staff Pro Cord Grip. 100mm kevlar. Red 150cm

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Fire Staff Pro Cord Grip. 100mm kevlar. Red 150cm

Fire Staff Pro Cord Grip. 100mm kevlar. Red 150cm

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Made by the HoP team who have created a superbly comfortable and functional grip with large Kevlar® heads. The wick is secured by screws so you can change it yourself when required, but we finish with a Kevlar® stitched cover flap of wick over the screws, to give the staff a 'no exposed metal' finish and Kevlar ® covered ends.

Manufactured with a soft padded grip style handle making for an extremely comfortable and durable Contact handle design. This material has benefits over rubber or leather (which can become slippery when fuel or moisture transfer to the handle). Foam handles can soak up fuel and become a fire hazard and also deteriorates faster as a result.

Some silicon designed handles can also become slippery with fuel and when dry can sometimes grip to much and pinch the skin or catch hairs on the body with certain contact routines making for an uncomfortable spinning experience.

One piece 20mm diameter aluminium tubing. Pitch Black colour powdercoated aluminium, with two feet (610mm) of 100mm wide Kevlar® wicking on both ends.