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Fire Poi Cathedral 100mm Oval 35cm Double Leather

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Fire Poi Cathedral 100mm Oval 35cm Double Leather

Fire Poi Cathedral 100mm Oval 35cm Double Leather

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Fire Poi Cathedral 100mm Head with Black Oval Link 35cm Chain with Black Double Leather Handle

  • Handles: Black Double Leather
    These handles are designed for comfort, with 20mmx4mm leather strips, and are double stitched for strength (Breaking weight is approx 110kg). These handles have 2 loops, for your 2nd and 4th finger.
  • Chain: Black Oval Link 35cm
    Length including attachments:43cm.
  • Poi Heads: Cathedral 100mm
    Cathedral poi's design allows maximum airflow (and hence better fuel/air mix; therefore bigger flames). Folded into a nice rectangular prism shape. Made from heat resistant stainless steel. 100mm length, 50mm width, double locked nuts, 250grams, underside is metal-free to avoid branding yourself.
  • Linkage: Stainless Steel 3.5mm Quick Links and No 7 ball bearing swivels are used if pictured.
  • Total length: 64cm (approx).
  • Length minus handle: 56cm (approx).