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Devil Stick - LunaStix Equinox Flower Stick

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Devil Stick - LunaStix Equinox Flower Stick

Devil Stick - LunaStix Equinox Flower Stick

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The Equinox is the top of the range stick from Lunastix, USA. Without a doubt the Equinox sets the standard in terms of performance, materials and construction for what a flower stick can be. This is a shorter, advanced freestyle stick made from lightweight, yet incredibly durable easton aluminium. The Equinox is ideal for close body moves, twirling tricks, kicks and balances. It features grippy silicone on the handsticks and shaft making it accessible to everyone and is available in various multicoloured finishes. All Lunastix products are free from defects and made in the USA. Please note that we can't guarantee colours - each Lunastix product features unique colour combinations