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Agni Carbon Fibre Fire Devil Stick

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Agni Carbon Fibre Fire Devil Stick

Agni Carbon Fibre Fire Devil Stick

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The same exceptional quality found in all Agni devil sticks but kitted out for fire spinning. This stick is turned from a single piece of wood and then coated in high quality 100% Biaxial Carbon Fibre Fabric and high temperature Epoxy resin for added strength. This fire stick is seriously strong. With a mere 17mm of reinforced wood in the centre this stick is great for long, fast spinning and suitable for high throws, kicks and drops. The carbon fibre reinforcement has been finished with a thin layer of high quality silicone lacquer for a glossy, grippy finish that can withstand high temperatures. Because this silicone is so thin and bonds chemically to the carbon fibre, it behaves well and even hard impacts won't chip it. The aramid fibre is 50mm wide.