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Acrylic Glitter contact Juggling ball 65mm 200g

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Acrylic Glitter contact Juggling ball 65mm 200g

Acrylic Glitter contact Juggling ball 65mm 200g

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A professional acrylic contact ball that gives the impression that it is floating, perfect for contact juggling. The Glitter UV contact ball has glitter embedded throughout the ball for a sparkling effect which is beautiful in daylight and mesmerising under UV blacklight. It also glows when activated by UV light. Unlike polycarbonate balls, acrylic has no resistance when rubbed against acrylic, making your multiball stacks smooth and easy, and perfect for isolations. These balls are made using optical grade material which is free of internal distortions, seamless, one piece and highly polished. Durable, chip resistant and virtually shatterproof. Great for day or night shows.

The acrylic is so clear and the machining so precise that it should not be left unattended uncovered in sunlight as it will act as a magnifying glass and could start a fire.