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Qu Ax Muni 20 inch Starter Unicycle

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Qu Ax Muni 20 inch Starter Unicycle

Qu Ax Muni 20 inch Starter Unicycle

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The 20"Muni model is ideal for riders starting to explore aggressive/experimental street styles and is equally at home on some basic off-road riding. This unicycle is exceptionally light and comes with a flatcrown fork with grip tape, BMX aluminium pedals and 48 hole crank as well as 350mm aluminium seat post with double bolted clamp. The Starter Muni also has the added advantage of a 20" wheel which means users are free to interchange the tyre with the BMX tyre of their choice. The Starter Muni is not as 'hardcore' as the Qu-Ax Muni range - the thinner tyre and lighter cranks make this suitable for only lighter riding, tricks and jumps. It does however offer exceptional value and is much more friendly on the pocket. (Please Note: This model was previously known as the 'Cross-Fire').

Brand: Qu-Ax
Saddle: Qu-Ax Street/Cross saddle
Seat Post: 350mm x 25.4mm aluminium seatpost.
Clamp: Silver double-bolted seatclamp
Frame: Black frame (grip tape on shoulders)
Hub System: Qu-Ax Red ISIS hub
Hub Setting: ISIS
Crank: 127mm ISIS aluminium
Rim: 20" double-walled alloy rim
Tyre: 20" x 2.25" Maxxis Max Daddy
Pedals: DX style aluminium pedals with aluminium pegs
Player Level: Intermediate
Style: Trials
Weight: 6.69kg