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Qu-Ax Mini Tandem Bike

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Qu-Ax Mini Tandem Bike

Qu-Ax Mini Tandem Bike

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Something very special and very peculiar from Qu-Ax. The kings of unicycle engineering have turned their attention to their mini circus bike and given it a tandem twist. The Tandem-version has a reinforced steel-frame and uses the same 6" wheels as the Minibike. It also features 2 x retro-styled rivet-saddles. As with 'normal' tandem bikes, the chain tension is adjusted with an eccentric bottom-bracket. Recommended for clowns - both professional and amateur! Only available in Blue - some minor construction is required.

True Weight: 5
Brand: Qu-Ax
Saddle: Retro Rivet Saddle
Clamp: 2 x Quick-Release Clamps
Frame: reinforced steel-frame
Hub System: Cotterless/Square Peg
Crank: 114mm
Tyre: 6"
Pedals: Trainer Pedals
Player Level: Clown!
Style: Tandem
Weight: 6.00kg