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Qu-Ax Luxus 24 inch Trainer Unicycle

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Qu-Ax Luxus 24 inch Trainer Unicycle

Qu-Ax Luxus 24 inch Trainer Unicycle

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An excellent quality 24" trainer from German Unicycle makers Qu-Ax. All Luxus unicycles come with a second shorter 200mm seatpost which allows younger riders maximum growth range without the need to cut the saddle stem and buy another later.The combination of 127mm Cranks and a 24" wheel make this model ideal for starting shorter distance street riding. The flat crown forks also make foot braking possilbe.

* flatcrownfork with two-piece dropout, powdercoated
* silver aluminium rim, 36 holes
* chromed square taper hub, 36 holes
* 127 mm steel cranks
* plastic pedals with big surface
* aluminium quick release
* 350mm seatpost, diamanond knurled (prevents twisting) Ø 25,4mm, steel
* a second 200mm seatpost for small beginners
* well cushioned saddle with robust base-plate and solid handle

With the shorter stem fitted the Qu-ax 24" Luxus Trainer will fit a minimum inside leg of 68cm.
(N.B crotch to floor - not trouser size).