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Juggle Dream - Cyclone Glaze Diabolo - Blue

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Juggle Dream - Cyclone Glaze Diabolo - Blue

Juggle Dream - Cyclone Glaze Diabolo - Blue

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The Cyclone Glaze is the latest member of the Juggle Dream bearing diabolo family. It uses a triple ball bearing clutch to allow the user to build up incredible speed - this should faciltate long trick sequences and allow some awesome grinds. It features slick, glossy cups in a number of colour ways and will be appreciated by diaboloists of all abilities. The medium size also makes it great for youngsters. This diabolo is fully compatible with the Juggle Dream LED kit and doesn't mind being thrown around (and dropped!).
Weight: 230g
Diameter: 106mm
Width: 122mm

Sticks are not included - see the Diabolo / Hand sticks category to select your handsticks