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Indy Freestyle 20 inch unicycle - green

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Indy Freestyle 20 inch unicycle - green

Indy Freestyle 20 inch unicycle - green

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The Indy Freestyle is a higher specification freestyle/trainer model unicycle, ideal for urban unicycling. The 20" wheel is our most popular wheel size and this model has double walled alloy rims to make it super strong, ideal for bunny hopping and small jumps. The thing that really sets this unicycle apart is the splined crank and hub system (known in the unicycle world as ISIS) normally only found on unicycles that retail at double the price. These interlocking teeth mean the cranks are super strong and ideal for flatland and freestyle riding. The frame has flat top forks and low wheel clearance, making this a sleek and versatile model.

Brand: Indy
Saddle: Padded Justek/Indy - Colour Matched
Seat Post: Machined Anti-Twist 300mm x 25.4
Clamp: Quick Release Clamp
Frame: Flat Top CroMo Forks
Hub System: ISIS
Crank: ISIS 127mm
Rim: Double Walled Alloy
Tyre: Thin Black Freestyle Tyre
Pedals: Indy 'BMX'
Player Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Style: Freestyle
Weight: 5.91kg