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Henrys Beach Free Hub Diabolo. 120mm 235g Aqua

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Henrys Beach Free Hub Diabolo. 120mm 235g Aqua

Henrys Beach Free Hub Diabolo. 120mm 235g Aqua

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Henrys had a bright idea when they made the Beach diabolo. What if they took their affordable, entry level diabolo and made it compatible with their tuning kits and free hub system? The Beach with Free Hub offers the same exceptional triple bearing system but at a pocket money price. The Beach Diabolo got a recent update to bright polypropylene, translucent shells giving it a lovely new image. The concentric inner shells are made of the same material used on Henrys Plates and increase the strength of the overall design. The one-way bearing system features protected, grease-free bearings and is incredibly smooth and stable. The Henrys Beach diabolo is also compatible with Circus Tuning kits, meaning this diabolo could be converted to an excellent fixed axle model at a later date.

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