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FlowToys LED staff kit. 146cm, 6 lights.

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FlowToys LED staff kit. 146cm, 6 lights.

FlowToys LED staff kit. 146cm, 6 lights.

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Collapsible 6 light capable contact flowstaff kit: An empty (add your own Flowlights) LED Staff that breaks down into shorter pieces for travel and can be converted into several other props, such as clubpoi and more.

Staff comes WITHOUT Flowlights!

Details: The 6-light capable contact flowstaff has two x 3.5L tubes as its staff ends with double flowmass for added momentum. Each staff end holds up to 3 flowlights (not supplied) and a staff connector, which connects the two 3.5L tubes together

Modular system possibilties: With different lengths of tubing in the handle, you can create different length staffs. A set of poi converters transforms your staff ends into clubpoi (flowpoi trio).

Collapsible system is portable and ships anywhere in the world!