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Concentrate Glow Led C3 Light Staff - 1000mm

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Concentrate Glow Led C3 Light Staff - 1000mm

Concentrate Glow Led C3 Light Staff - 1000mm

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The smallest version of the C3 Light staff is ideal for double staff manipulation. Features include:

  • A poly carbonate tubing with a silicone outer skin for grip. 25 mm (1") outside diametre making super strong and giving it maximum grip
  • A highly formulated polymer core for maximum light distribution and effects
  • Each end has a removable high impact electronic unit that is equipped with red, green and blue LED's. These Cree and Nichia LED's are the best on the market pumping out over 60,000 MCD per end.
  • The 15 settings modes include fades, strobes and static effects. The ends being independently controlled allow the fusion of the different settings. (see below for list of modes)
  • Each unit is powered by just a single AAA battery (rechargeable batteries inc.)
  • Silicone stoppers cap the ends making the staff splash proof and allow easy activation of the new heavy duty moisture resistant switch.
  • Over 4hrs of continuous usage with rechargeable batteries.
  • Over 10hrs of continuous usage from disposable batteries.