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Aluminium fire arrow with 19mm fire heads

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Aluminium fire arrow with 19mm fire heads

Aluminium fire arrow with 19mm fire heads

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A very dangerous fire toy suitable for an archer who has a legitimate excuse to legally burn something a significant distance.

  • 83cm end to end
  • Very sharp tip
  • Aluminium construction
  • Flexible plastic fins
  • 19mm kevlar head - recessed to avoid damaging the kevlar and allowing re-use.
  • Produces a flame of up to 60cm while flying.

Fire arrows are much less aerodynamic then normal arrows, and can not be shot at full draw due to the potential for the fire to damage the bow - you should expect a fire arrow to travel around 50% of the distance of a normal arrow. You should aim 30-50 degrees above your target as the arrow will rotate to nose down - typically hitting your target from above - You should also not fire these at full draw on a compound bow due to the risk of reverberation damage to the bow caused by the heavier arrow. We recommend you 'burn off' (spin it causing fuel to spray off - just like a staff) with your arrow before firing it to prevent a front-heavy arrow from nose-diving and to minimise fuel-spray on launch and minimise the fuel-spray over the target on impact.

Obviously you should ensure that the area behind and surrounding your target is not flammable, as a fully fuelled fire arrow sliding along the ground can create a trail of flaming grass up to 100m long. This is more then you can extinguish with even a large Fire Extinguisher.

WARNING: If you start a bushfire, or use this to burn down something you don't have permission to, you will probably end up in jail. You have been warned.