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Agni Carbon Fibre Devil Stick

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Agni Carbon Fibre Devil Stick

Agni Carbon Fibre Devil Stick

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From Agni, Portugal this devil stick has quickly set a new bench mark for quality and performance amongst devil stickers and we're proud to be wholesalers of such lovely sticks. Turned from a single piece of wood, these sticks are then coated in high quality 100% Biaxial Carbon Fibre Fabric and finsihed with Epoxy resin for added strength. This makes them unbelievably strong and robust, suitable for kicks, throws and inevitable drops. A very elegant, tapered shape ideal for fast, controlled spins. The carbon fibre reinforcement has been finished with a thin layer of high quality silicone based laquer for a glossy finish and super grip. Because its so thin and bonds chemically to the carbon fibre it will last a long time and keep the psychedelic decoration looking good.