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100cm Fire Hula Hoop - 5 spoke

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100cm Fire Hula Hoop - 5 spoke

100cm Fire Hula Hoop - 5 spoke

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This 100cm Fire Hula Hoop is perhaps the easiest to use of our fire hula hoop range and comes with 5 x 65mm burner spokes. These are made from stainless steel and high quality kevlar. They don't affect the performance of the hoop too much and are very impressive when used correctly. We only recommend fire hooping for adults over the age of 18 and strongly recommend they are used in safe conditions where all appropriate measures have been made. These hoops are a very strong design with no metal protruding on the inside of the hoop.

Wicks: 5 x 25cm x 65mm
Hoop Diameter: 1 metre
Spine Length: 16cm